A blog to help you find clothes like the badass fashion of Kenzi from Lost Girl! She is played by Ksenia Solo who also has wicked fashion sense. Feel free to submit!

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Sorry I have not been active my lovelies, as soon as school is over in a few weeks I will be back! <3

I love Kenzi's style. I need to learn how to sync my hair and clothing with my personality. I'm a quirky 27 year old living in Las Vegas and yet I dress like a shy sixth grader.

Do it if that’s what you want! A lot of women have insecurity issues because of the media, society etc. and all the negative shit they feed our minds. But honestly just fuck that.  Why not? It’s your life, dress how you want, express yourself and feel good doing it! As long as your happy that’s what matters. But don’t feel like you need to change your wardrobe and how you look because of other people and where you live!

You can browse a lot of fashion and style online! Maybe I can even post some links on advice for you, but it’s really all about how you feel and what clothing compliments you, and most importantly what feels good. Fashion is about discovering yourself and representing yourself too, so don’t be afraid to go to the mall and just try things on. This ask makes me think about Orphan Black which I absolutely LOVE, it’s a really great in showing you each character’s sense of style and how it’s matched to their personality.


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hey, best blog ever! are there any links to the clothes you post? xx

If I’ve posted a link there will be an x next to the name of the item that should take you to the item if it’s still available! xo

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does anyone know where to find Kenzi's phone case or laptop cover graphic

Please let this anon know if you do guys!


how do you find the clothes to buy?

um, my magical fae powers that guide me to the cutest clothes?!



hey:) love your blog and love ksenia solo aka kenzi i was wondering if you possibly have a photo of kenzis engagement ring?

I don’t sorry! :(


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